Marija Simona Šimulynaitė – director, choreographer, educator.

In 2010 founded Baltic Ballet Theater, been a lecturer for 5 years at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater – the faculty of theater and film, and the department of singing.

Since 2008, the director-choreographer has directed over 30 performances, including opera, modern ballet and theatrical music performances.

Marija collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign theaters and higher education institutions; conducts creative seminars and training on a variety of topics: body language (non-verbal communication), sense of space, freedom of emotional expression, and contemporary classical dance workshops.

Marija provides specialized services for corporate events.

She has created exceptional performances involving company employees while using captivating 3D visuals and nontraditional musical compositions. She also was the main choreographer for the project “Šokio revoliucija” (eng. “Revolution of Dance”). In the fall of 2019, she started the studio of Baltic ballet theater where she works with children capable of ballet both in groups and individually.